A first for blending my modalities

When I first began at a new clinic, I expected and knew that I had a long line of clients waiting to see me at this new clinic. That’s what i’m here for. To help as many people as I can. So I knew that this clinic was where I was supposed to be. For […]

what is kinesiology?

In a nut shell: Kinesiology is a holistic tool for eliminating and diffusing stress from the body on all levels. So, what exactly is Kinesiology? It’s a common question. I get asked this a lot and even regular clients don’t really know how to explain what Kinesiology is. To explain, I’m going to describe how a session would […]

a quick tropical island get-away

In these days of “go, go, go”, it can be less than easy to get away for break. Now that we are in winter  (in Australia that is), it’s an increasing need to chase the sun for many. Here’s a quick, cost-effective way you can chase the sun this winter. Place your hand across your […]

my authentic self: habits

So, as a complimentary health practitioner, I help people every day with self-image issues. I feel so honoured to be part of my client’s personal journey to loving who they are, just as they are. My passion is in this work. So, when I set out to trim down, increase my fitness and get back […]

my authentic self

The timing of reading Eldon Taylor’s new book (I Believe – When what you believe matters) has been so apt for me and has started me on a bit of a “delve” into my own beliefs and values, something which has been a common theme in my universe at the moment. Of late, I have […]

Channelling the Mad Hatter

What do the Mad Hatter and my latest article (out now, below) have in common? Well, you’ll have to read the article – but here’s an intro for you: The Mad Hatter pulls random items out of his hat throughout the story, including smaller hats. He also makes a deal with time to save himself […]