My Kinesiology Journey: Chapter Two Begins

Today marks the start of chapter two in my Kinesiology journey. Today, I begin working as a practitioner at the university where I have studied for the last 4 years. I’m excited, nervous and humbled at the opportunity and ultimately know that this will be the catalyst for super charging my kinesiology clinic which help […]

for good reason

The body is a pretty amazing thing. What it creates, what it does, what it is able to change  is nothing short of amazing. It is intricate and clever beyond what you could imagine. So when we, as a human being, go through some typical “human” experiences, it’s no wonder that the body is able […]

resolution revolution

It’s that time of year again when we all get excited about the new year. Then there’s the New Years celebration at which the inevitable question pops up – What’s your New Years Resolution? A lot of people like to “recycle” the resolutions they made last year and didn’t give a second look at after […]

super power – choice

We all have this super power.  We forget it sometimes all too easily and then finding it again hidden under all the stressors of life is made even more challenging. Everyone has the power to choose. What to wear today, which way to go to work, what to have for lunch etc. We also have […]

let it go

This is one of my favorite poems / illustrations by Michael Leunig. I love what it represents, letting this go. As a Kinesiologist, I come across people all the time who are holding on to things that no longer serve them. Holding on to people, situations, events, emotions and perceptions weighs them down and holds […]

simple is effective

There is a lot to be said for simplicity. It is clear. It is concise. It is effective. It’s human nature to want to incorporate everything under the sun, especially when your enthusiasm for a new project takes hold. That said, sometimes this over powering urge to complete twenty things, will throw us into overwhelm […]

walking the walk

It’s been a while since my last post. A lot has happened in that time.  We’ve been to Fiji for a family member’s wedding, we’ve welcomed a new-born nephew and work has been steadily building. What occurred to me today while putting pen to paper about my business, is that you need to practice what […]