magic, imagination and monsters under the bed

It’s easy to imagine monsters under the bed isn’t it? When it’s dark and quiet in the middle of the night, our imagination can run away with us instantly. Children are good at this but they’re also great at imagining the most beautiful and magical things too.

The same goes for many things in life, as I realised a few days ago.

I recently attended one of my post-graduate units entitled “Spiritual Issues” and when I saw this one coming up, I set my intention to work past some fears and blockages around seeing the spirit world again. It was an AMAZING weekend with incredible insights and awarenesses that had literally changed the way I see the world. Once I came back down to planet earth (it took almost a week I have to admit), i finally plucked up the courage to look at some of my spiritual books again. One in particular had been drawing my attention, that book was “Sensing Spirit” by Mitchell Coombes. I could sense my unease with picking this up again (even though I had already read it a few times). Largely because on this particular day I had decided I was going to read it but found some dishes to do, some cleaning, some groceries, “HAD” to have a coffee first etc etc. I was putting it off because I knew what it meant for me to read it. I was going to signal the universe and spirit world that I was ready again. Once I got the courage, and the determination and told those fearful thoughts to ‘pipe down’, I sat and read the entire book in one sitting.

It was magical. My fear was dispelled. I had allowed my fear imagination to take over my magical imagination and reading this book cover to cover reminded me how beautiful it can be to be in touch with the magic and wonder of it all.

So, what’s stopping you from going where you need to go? Are the fear imaginations taking over the magic imaginations? If so, what’s one little step you take to overcome this?


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