#@%! the marshmallows

A labour of love...
A labour of love…

It’s a great quote, isn’t it?!

“#@%! the marshmallows.”

I think the significance behind it is great, as I’ll explain and I think the humour for me represents the need to remain consistent, humble, true to yourself and to allow the process be fun.

I have signed up to many a business development e-news system. So many in fact that to be honest, I tend not really read them anymore. Yesterday though, I wasn’t feeling great, a little apathetic in fact and when this one came into the inbox, it piqued my interest and so I went ahead a clicked the link to a video interview with an author, Steven Pressfield about his book “Turning Pro”.

The interview in it’s self struck something in me. So I went and downloaded the book. I HAD to have it and I HAD to know more about Turning Pro.

It’s a remarkably simple book with a clear message that is by no means easy to work through once you embark upon it. This book was a concise, eloquent and witty kick in the pants I needed. I need to turn pro. And perhaps the most inspiring (because I resonated with this on so many levels) was a section on distraction and procrastination where Steven quotes “you have a right to your labour but not to the fruits of your labour” followed by one line which really got the message home. It pays homage to one of the articles doing the internet rounds of procrastination enabling where a group of children are put in a room with two marshmallows and if there are still two marshmallows left when the adult returns, they get another marshmallow. This line, is now my new favourite inspirational quote:

“#@%! the marshmallows.”

As an interesting side awareness, I recall in my younger days that my Nan would make us grand kids marshmallow bunnies for Easter. I loved those marshmallow bunnies, covered in coconut. YUM! But what occurred to me today was that perhaps for my Nan, the process of making these marshmallow bunnies was a labour of love. And the outcome of delighted grandchildren was merely a bonus.

Ultimately, if you focus on the journey, you’ll find what you’re looking for because the labour of love should be the reason why not the how. And to think, all this time I had been looking at the answer in the by line of my blog….

I’m off to implement practice 1 from the book. To see the interview that sparked my journey of turning pro, watch it here. Enjoy – I hope it’s as inspiring for you as it was for me.


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