what is kinesiology?

In a nut shell: Kinesiology is a holistic tool for eliminating and diffusing stress from the body on all levels.

So, what exactly is Kinesiology? It’s a common question. I get asked this a lot and even regular clients don’t really know how to explain what Kinesiology is. To explain, I’m going to describe how a session would typically work.

I want something to change in my life. I’ve been working hard at getting some results but nothing is really working or I get some good results but eventually they dwindle and I’m back to square one. I want to know what’s holding me back.

A friend or other practitioner refers me to a Kinesiologist and while they can’t explain what it really is, they simply say “I’ve had some great, lasting results on my shoulder/emotional issues/stress and I think it would work well for you”.

In I go to see a Kinesiologist. I fill out a  with my details, which asks me about why I’m here, what I’d like to get out of the session and my past traumas, physical, emotional etc.

I go in to our session and I get asked lots of questions about why I’m here, what my symptoms or circumstances are surrounding the issue, how they came about, what makes them better or worse and what they stop me from doing.

My Kinesiologist explains that throughout the session, she’ll be running meridians, touching Neuro-lymphatic points and acupuncture points during the session and that each aspect that comes up will have an emotion attached to it. When that emotion comes up, I’m encouraged to talk it through and workout how it relates to my goal. I am assured that tears are normal and encouraged if they come as part of the stress release process for the body.

My Kinesiologist helps me set a goal for the session.

We put the goal into the body’s bio-computer. That is, we put the goal to the body’s Neurological system and see what my body needs in order to achieve that goal. This is done by a series of muscle response tests where very light pressure is applied to the muscle with a thought, word or technique in mind and the way in which the muscle responds will indicate what we need to look at. It’s kind of like a google search (see the image below for a visual representation of what I mean).

We work through some conflicts around achieving the goal and we find where I’m holding that stress in my body (where the imbalance is) and then we find what my body needs to correct that imbalance.

We make sure I’m 100% congruent in activating my own wellbeing because if I’m not, then it’s possible that the work I do in my session might not be as powerful as I’d like it to be.

We work through some pain or wellness behaviors around achieving the goal. Again, we find where I’m holding the stress in my body and how to diffuse that stress.

We find what caused the initial cascade of emotions and energetic outages in the body and diffuse this stress so that it’s less prevalent in my decision-making processes moving forward.

Throughout the session, I come to lots of awareness about my issues and how I can best over come them. I also become more aware of how my emotions are causing some of the symptoms in my body.

My Kinesiologist tests up for some home reinforcement. That is, some tools that I can use at home to remind my body and mind and emotions of this new way of thinking, feeling, acting, reacting etc.

We close out the session by having a chat about the session. I get any queries answered and we set a plan for moving forward.


There you have it, albeit brief, an overview of a Kinesiology session.

Kinesiology Google Search



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