my authentic self: habits

So, as a complimentary health practitioner, I help people every day with self-image issues. I feel so honoured to be part of my client’s personal journey to loving who they are, just as they are. My passion is in this work. So, when I set out to trim down, increase my fitness and get back to my authentic self, I started with the 12wbt (12 week body transformation). This is largely because I want to feel good about myself but also it’s about walking the walk as a health practitioner.

We’re up to week 4 and thus far, I feel better, my clothes feel better and people are starting to comment on how I look. Now, ordinarily, that would feel fabulous. Save for one “little” (not so little really) thing. Those pesky scales. Because for the all the work I had put in, I was not losing according the scales. After the last weight in, I was disappointed. Again. The next day I thought “nope, that can’t be right, get on the scales again”. so I did, and the scales returned in kind with a nice 1kg loss, which I was happy with. And I thought that was okay to weigh myself (even though it was no longer weigh in day). Someone was smart enough to ask me the right questions. They asked me all the questions I would typically ask my clients if this would have come up in a session. What this whole extra weigh in came down to (excuse the pun) was that I was looking for the gratification, which is exactly what I look for when I’m looking for those yummy foods like chocolate and cakes.

Fast forward to Friday. A personally great day. Time spent with friends, time spent being a Kinesiologist, time spent on me and bonus money coming left, right and centre. Enough in fact for me to buy myself a book when it jumped out at me. “The Power of Habit – Why we do what we do and how to change”.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to practise my Kinesiology skills with other Post Grad students. Not surprisingly, my health and fitness journey would all come up in one of these sessions, all around releasing old habits. This was all about taking back control. My goal for the session was “I now gently and easily release behaviours which no longer serve my optimal health and fitness on all levels”.

This morning I was watching one of the latest videos on the 12wbt. The topic on this one was all about the victim mentality and how it can creep in without being noticed and suddenly you’re back to square one with your goals. Again, it comes back to being in control. Instead of being the victim, be your own hero and save yourself. So, I’ve set myself a little self discovery task for today since I have set some time aside for me today. I’m not sure how in-depth it’ll be yet, but I do have my eye on  a big blank wall in the kitchen (of all places) where I think there will be some paper and Blutak covering it very shortly. I’m going to look at current habits, their triggers, what the gratification element is in each, where my victim has been playing out and how I can be my own hero. And then, I’m going to look at my other “standard” archetypes (these are ones we all have based on the work of Caroline Myss – whose work really resonates with me).

Stay tuned. Will post a photo once I’m done. 🙂


One thought on “my authentic self: habits

  1. Fabulously honest post Dana! I keep thinking “muscle weighs more than fat” 🙂 so perhaps you ARE doing an amazing job each week 🙂

    Love your idea to identify triggers and patterns. Can’t wait for the photo.

    Have you heard of Leo Babauta? I’ll find a link to a great post on habits.

    Keep shining!

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