my authentic self

The timing of reading Eldon Taylor’s new book (I Believe – When what you believe matters) has been so apt for me and has started me on a bit of a “delve” into my own beliefs and values, something which has been a common theme in my universe at the moment. Of late, I have […]

I Believe

I was recently given the opportunity and the pleasure of reading the latest from Eldon Taylor, “I Believe – When What You Believe Matters”. The timing of reading this book has been perfect. In “I Believe”, Eldon asks us some important questions about who we are and what we believe while imparting some very valuable […]

Channelling the Mad Hatter

What do the Mad Hatter and my latest article (out now, below) have in common? Well, you’ll have to read the article – but here’s an intro for you: The Mad Hatter pulls random items out of his hat throughout the story, including smaller hats. He also makes a deal with time to save himself […]