signs are a two way street

Gloves. That’s what prompted me to write this post today. A pair of black lacy gloves offered to me by a shop owner who wanted to give me a gift for spending so much money in her little $2 shop. She had no idea how much of a gift the offer of those gloves were.

As it happens, a week ago, I had a Kinesiology balance. It was all about feeling good enough, feeling beautiful enough and all round just being enough. And what my body wanted me to remember was that at my Minature Debutant ball (7 years old!) my pop apparently recalled to my parents that if he didn’t live to see me get married that this was enough for him. And as a physical reminder of this, I chose a pair of gloves because i recall having issues dancing with my gloves on that night.

It’s funny all these seeming random things that appear out of nowhere. Little reminders of why we’re here, how much we’re loved and which direction to take.

Signs don’t just go one way either. If you yourself make a commitment to something, the universe will send you opportunities to show how committed you are. For instance, I myself have chosen ‘courage’ as my theme of the year. And so far this year, my courage has all been about putting myself out there for the world to see. This includes my Art and Design (officially put these up for sale this year and have agreed to illustrate a children’s book), public speaking (I am presenting three in March alone) and next on my list, which I am still working on the courage factor for, is to put my tarot and intuitive readings out there too.

Remember that signs are two way streets and remember to look for signs that are sent back to you because they often come at the most appropriate times.


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