let it go

This is one of my favorite poems / illustrations by Michael Leunig. I love what it represents, letting this go.

As a Kinesiologist, I come across people all the time who are holding on to things that no longer serve them. Holding on to people, situations, events, emotions and perceptions weighs them down and holds them back. i too have worked through a lot of these old “things” that have previously put me in a “holding pattern”.

What I love about being a Kinesiologist is helping people to release these long-held things that keep people from reaching their highest potential. Holding on to the past is not always a conscious choice either, your body likes to hold on to emotions whether you’re aware of it or not, and effectively theme any other event that merely resembles the past. It keeps you safe by recognising that in the past you survived by reacting a certain way therefore, next time the same situation appears, you’ll automatically react the as you did in the past, because your body knows you’ll survive that similar situation that way. While this may not be how you want to react, you have to admit, it’s pretty cool how clever your body is at helping you to survive.

You can learn a lot about yourself from these old things, and these things can, once let go, pave the way for something better. When you let these things go both consciously and subconsciously, you effectively create space, much like spring cleaning. You can create new ways of reacting to similar situations (your body can learn new ways of survival – how amazing is that?!).

So let it go, get out of the head. Take pen to paper, paint brush to canvas, or runners to pavement and let it out.  You’ll feel lighter, you’ll feel clearer and there will be more head space in which to devise a new way of looking at life.


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