the power of language

I have recently been blessed to be working with some open-minded people who are keen to change the way in which they view what goes on around them.

Language is such a great, simple way to create positive change in your life. Your body takes you literally.  It doesn’t understand sarcasm. So, why would you describe a client or friend or situation as a “nightmare”?  before you know it, every client will be not so nice to deal with and you might end up having actual nightmares instead of nice restful sleep.

So – be aware of the words you choose and if you get the opportunity to change it into a better way of saying it, then do so.  You’ll start to notice more positive things occurring around you.  Here are some examples to get you started:

Instead of “nightmare” try “it could have gone better”

Instead of “I feel like crap” try “I’m not feeling 100% healthy”

Instead of “sick” say “unwell”

Instead of “he’s a pain in the neck” say “he’s not the easiest person to deal with”

So simple and so effective at changing your mindset.


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